Swedish Theoretical Chemistry 2016

"Lightening Bridges”, Lund August 17-19

This website was updated on August 16. Some information is changed.
In particular: program has changed several times during the past two weeks.

Each year since a long time, one of the Swedish universities arranges the symposium Swedish Theoretical Chemistry, nowadays in collaboration with the Theory Section of the Swedish Chemical Society. This year, the Division of Theoretical Chemistry at Lund University is hosting the event.

The name of the symposium should not be understood restrictively. While leading Swedish reserchers and many young scientists and PhD students are coming to these symposia, they also attract scientists from our neighboring countries, and even some from far away. Also, while some are primarily theorists, a larger number are also working with applications such as computer aided drug design, nanotechnology, bioinformatics or cell modelling, and for many, this is their main job description.

Experiments today must be matched by calculations with high reliability and with applicability to the full area of chemical sciences, and this is a strong driving force within computational chemistry. This trend will surely continue, as will be very visible here in Scania and in the whole Øresund region when Max IV and later ESS start operations. With that in mind, this years symposium has got the subtitle "Lightening bridges".

It is our pleasure to invite the community of all interested scientists in Sweden and surrounding regions to our symposium.

Per Åke Malmqvist, Valera Veryazov, and Per-Olof Widmark,
Division of Theoretical Chemistry, Lund University, and

Tore Brinck,
Department of Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
chairman of the Theory Section of the Swedish Chemical Society.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through the Nobel Institute for Chemistry