Setup C3SE machines

C3SE is the computer center at Gothenburg University. We had allocation on their cluster Beda in the past. The clusters cannot be reached immediately from the outside. This guide show how to setup an ssh-tunnel to the Beda cluster. It should be applicable to their other machines as well.

Home page of C3SE:

Samuel Genheden, 2012

  • Open or create the file $HOME/.ssh/config where $HOME is your home directoy. Add these lines to the file

    Host gbgtunnel
    LocalForward 8020
    User genheden

    Host beda
    HostName localhost
    Port 8020
    User genheden

    Replace genheden with your user name.

  • In a shell, type

    ssh gbgtunnel

    and log into the machine. There are several of these machines, if 11 do not work, check on C3SE homepage for other machines. This shell needs to be open as long as you want to connect to beda

  • Open a new shell and type

    ssh beda

    and log into the beda machine.