TmoleX is an interactive graphical interface, molecule builder and QM job environment for Turbomole.

The current version is 17.
The home page is
The binary is in /temp4/bio//TURBO/TmoleX17/TmoleX/TmoleX
The documentation is in /temp4/bio/TURBO/TmoleX14/documentation/Tutorial-tmolex-4-0.pdf
There is a instruction video in

To run it, you must simply write

On some systems, you might first set
otherwise, no molecule is show in the molecule builder.

The installation was simple:
chmod +x TmoleX40Linux64.bin
and follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Start TmoleX
  2. Select New Project
  3. Select a directory
  4. Open 3D Molecular Builder
  5. Click on atoms
  6. Build the molecule
  7. Save it

To show vibrational frequencies

  1. TmoleX
  2. Select a NewProject
  3. Open job/Control file
  4. Select the proper file
  5. Click on the project on the left-hand tree
  6. Open 3D molecular builder
  7. Click on Vib. Modes
  8. Click on the desired mode
  9. Click on Play

If you have problems of running Turbomole features within TmoleX (e.g. tidy up with UFF),
this probably indicates that you are not allowed to run the Turbomole version in your path.
This is indicated by "TmoleX (client)" on your window.
To solve this (Uwe 28/5-15):
  1. Start TmoleX
  2. Open a new project
  3. Right-click on the project name in the left-most window
  4. Select open shell
  5. echo $TURBODIR
  6. $TURBODIR/scripts/sysname
  7. ls -l $TURBODIR/bin/`sysname`