Yet another text editor.
Same as vi

add g in the end to make multiple substitutes on the same line.

For Fortran:
rset tabstop=3 expandtab softtabstop=0 shiftwidth=3 smarttab

A new editor called VIM has been installed.
Uses "as far as I understand" all vi command+xemacs goodies (eg. multiple undo, syntax highlightning and ability to copy and paste colomns)+ .....

vim -g
in the promt to start the graphical version. (only vim if you want it without menys and seperate window)
There are alot of examples on the net on how to set up a .vimrc file in your home.

With the correct settings in the .vrmsc file, you can even edit a zipped file without unzip it.

Kristina 010515 

 I just found out how to "search and replace" in all your files in a directory using vim.
May be usefull every now and then if you use vim.

Open a file from the directory using vim.

Change to the current directory
:cd %:h

Set up the arguments ( ie what files to search ), only * of course search all files
eg [ :args *.java *.html]

Search using an argdo command
:argdo %s/FindThis/ReplaceWithThis/ge | update

Kristina 030514